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Addiction to Clutter?

Clutter is a big problem for many people. At a lecture that I gave, I asked for a show of hands regarding how many people had problems with clutter and disorganization. I was surprised to find that at least half the people raised their hands.

One of my clients told me that she was trying to help her sister get back on her feet after her sister had been laid up with an illness and lost her job. Her sister’s house had always been a mess, and had become so filled with clutter that there was no place to walk or sit. My client, Rebecca, offered to buy her sister a car if she would clean up her house. Rebecca even offered to help her sister clean up the house. Rebecca was shocked when her sister refused the offer, even though she desperately needed the car. He sister was unwilling to get rid of the clutter.

Why? Why was the “stuff” so important to her?

Underneath all addictions lies fear – of emptiness, helplessness, loneliness and aloneness. Addictions are a way to feel safe from feeling these difficult and painful feelings, and an addiction to clutter is no exception. It’s all about having a sense of control over feeling safe. Clutter, like all addictions, provides a momentary feeling of comfort. However, as with any addiction, the clutterer needs more and more clutter to maintain the illusion of safety and comfort.

When my mother died and my son was cleaning out her house, he discovered huge amounts of clutter. While my mother’s house always looked neat and clean, the cupboards and drawers were filled with clutter. My son told me he found 6 broken hair dryers in one cabinet. Why would my mother want to keep six broken hair dryers?

My mother grew up during the depression and always had a fear of not having enough. No matter how much she accumulated materially, she never felt that she had enough. The six hair dryers made her feel safe from her fear, even if they didn’t work.

Carrie has trouble throwing things away, especially magazines with “important’ information in them. She subscribes to many magazines but, being the mother of three small children, doesn’t often have the time to read them. So the magazines pile up and pile up. Carrie hopes at some point to have the time to read them, but that time never seems to come. When asked why she won’t throw them out, her answer is, “Because there might be something important in them and I don’t want to miss it.” Carrie fears missing out on some important piece of information – information that may give her the peace she is seeking. It makes her feel safer and in control to have all the magazines around her with their important information, even if she never gets to read them.

When we don’t feel safe on the inner level, then we try to make ourselves feel safe on the outer level, and clutter is one way of doing that. Whether it’s things, such as hair dryers, or information, such as in magazines and newspapers, clutterers do not trust that they will have what they need. In addition, clutterers may be resistant people who see messiness and clutter as a way of not being controlled by someone who wants them to be neat.


Clutter is created and maintained by a wounded, frightened part of oneself, the wounded self – the part that operates from the illusion of having control over people, events, and outcomes. As long as this wounded self is in charge of the decisions, the clutterer will continue to accumulate clutter as a way to provide comfort and the illusion of control over feeling safe, or continue to be messy as a way to resist being controlled.

Healing occurs when the individual does the inner work necessary to develop a strong, loving adult self. A loving adult is the aspect of us that opens to and connects with a spiritual source of wisdom, strength, and love. A loving adult is capable of taking loving action in our own behalf. The loving adult operates from truth rather than from the false beliefs of the wounded self, and knows that the comfort and safety that clutter seems to provide is an illusion – that no matter how much clutter accumulates, the clutterer still feels afraid. The loving Adult knows that safety and integrity do not lie in resistance. Only a loving adult who is tuned in to the guidance provided by a spiritual source and capable of taking loving action in one’s own behalf can create a sense of inner safety.

Practicing the six steps of Inner Bonding that we teach develops this powerful loving adult.

Beat Big Business!

Tips for Competing with Larger Businesses

Are you a small business owner?  If you are, you will likely face a large amount of competition from others; others who may be larger than you and others who may have more resources at hand than you do.  Although it may seem as if you are at a disadvantage because your business is a small business, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of different ways that you can make sure that your business is able to successfully compete with your competition, even your competition that may include large, national companies.

When it comes to competing with your larger competitors, it is important that you remember exactly what you are, a small business.  This automatically makes you unique right away.  Each year, a large number of small business owners end up closing their doors.  While this may not sound promising to you, it should give you a little bit of hope. There are actually a large number of consumers who like doing business with small businesses, just like you. In fact, some prefer to do business with them.  The less competition you have from other small businesses, the greater your chances are of staying profitable and in business are.

While you may not necessarily be able to control the competition that you do and do not have, one thing that you can control is your business’s public perception. For instance, if you were to run a pet supply store or a clothing store, there are a number of other businesses where your customers could go to buy the same products at, like a large department store.  To prevent that from happening, you want to give your customers a reason to come to your store, as well as reason to keep on coming back. The first step is to make sure that your establishment is well-kept and always clean.  You will want to pickup your sales floor, if your business has one, each and every day, dust, mop the floors, and keep all of your entranceways cleans.  To many consumers, nothing is more unappealing that a dirty business.

In addition to making sure that your establishment is well-kept and always clean, you need to examine the type of service that you and your employees provide your customers with.  Most small businesses are known for their personal feel.  When it comes to doing business with a small business, there are customers who want to feel like they are known by name, even if they aren’t actually, or feel like they can stop and talk with you and your employees about nothing in particular, like the weather, just because.  This is what will essentially set your business apart and make it easier to compete with larger businesses.  Unfortunately, many of today’s larger corporations have more of a focus on “don’t waste company time or money,” than they do the customers.  Making sure that all of your customers receive the best service available, as well as thank you every time, is the best way to compete and win against your larger competitors. 

The above mentioned ways are just a few of the many ways that you can make sure that your small business is running just as strong as the competition.  Even if you run an online business, instead of storefront one, a personalized, friendly service is an important component of being successful.  For additional methods that may help your business stay afloat, you may want to think about turning to your customers for suggestions.  A simple suggestion box may give you insight into your customers, as well as their wants and their needs.

Traffic Generation Tips

4 Critical Ways To Generate Traffic To A Newly Created Website

Now you have your new website and you are keen to start making some sales! But, how can you make sales if you do not have high volumes of traffic to your website?

One of the challenges which people starting a new online business face is that of getting traffic to their website. This article outlines four important steps you must follow to start generating some traffic to your website.

  1. Have unique content on your website. Search engine robots look at all websites on a regular basis looking for sites with fresh and new content. It is therefore important for you to have fresh and high quality content which will get your website quickly indexed by search engines.
  2. Have all your keywords on your website. It is important that you have all the relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your topic on your web pages and any articles you post on your website. This will increase your website ranking on search engines which means that your website will rank high when people type keywords relating to your topic on search engines. You will therefore get many visitors coming to your site via the search engines. When people visit your website, the high quality content you have will make people spend more time on your site and ultimately buy some of the products or services you offer on your site.
  3. Because your website is new, you must submit it to search engines. Submitting your URL to the search engines is an important step towards getting more visitors because it means your website will be visible from search engines. Having your website URL on search engines means that when people look for information relating to your topic on these search engines, they will find your website.
  4. Exchange some website links with websites that have a high popularity rank (PR). Exchanging links with popular and related websites is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, and improve the raking of your site. You will get some traffic coming to your website through other websites that you have linked to.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you will realize that increasing your website traffic and getting more people to visit your new website is very easy to do. All you need to do is to follow these steps and you will soon see an increase in traffic to your website which will mean a lot of sales and online profits for your internet business!

PLR Power

The True Power of PLR!

I’ve been marketing on the Internet for years and only recently I figured out that I was throwing away thousands of dollars every year by not having enough fresh products to sell my customers. If I had focused more on easily getting new content instead of spending all my time creating it by hand I probably would have sold twice as much as I used to sell.

But what are we supposed to do to get enough good content to resell?

Content creation takes time and resources that most of us just don’t have. What’s scarier is that you really have to be careful how you go about making your content. One low-quality release and your entire business could be in jeopardy. I know my own business is made up of almost 60% returning customers; if I give them a crummy product they might lose faith in me!

I’m assuming everyone who reads this blog regularly knows about PLR but in case you’re new: PLR (Private Label Rights) products are products that you can buy pre made from PLR distributors and other Internet marketers. PLR is great because you pretty much have total control over the product once you get it; you can customize it and make it yours. The best part is that they’re usually ready-to-sell right when you get them so the work you have to put into them is pretty minimal.

I’ve been using PLR on and off for the past few years but honestly some of the stuff I was getting was of a lower quality than I could do myself, and I mean all by myself in a few weeks. That is, until I decided to go with Jeremy Burns’ Source Code Goldmine!

I started with Source Code Gold Mine version 7 a while back and I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the products in the package.

Well now Jeremy Burns has released SCGM version 12 

Source Code Goldmine v12 has 10 excellent products, just like the other versions. These products are some of the most diverse and profitable of any of the PLR products I’ve seen yet. What makes them so strong is that they’re very different products for very different niches but they all share a common theme: improving one’s financial situation.

I could write 5 or 6 pages about these products but, for the sake of you (the reader), I will limit my excitement to 5 of them:

* Testimonial Confirmed (software)
* Getting Facebook Traffic (2 Hour Video Training)
* Instant Facebook iFrame Templates (FB templates and training)
* Backlink Hurricane (Video Training)
* List building Bully (eBook)

Testimonial Confirmed (software)… Is an ultra cool testimonial confirmation service. This new online business website will allow your customers to place a seal on their websites that you will provide to them confirming that all of their testimonials are 3rd part verified. They pay you directly for displaying your seals on their site. Very cool and super easy to run.

Getting Facebook Traffic (2 Hour Video Training) This two hours training will teach you about using Facebook to drive traffic to any website you wish. You will learn the importance of Social marketing to grow your business and your brand.

Instant Facebook iFrame Templates (FB templates and training) Have you seen all the cool new custom Facebook pages people have been setting up? Have you wondered how they do it? Well this is how… you get a cool new package of Facebook iFrame templates that you can edit to match your brand, and a training guide to show you how to set up your new Facebook iFrame pages. This products rocks!

Back Link Hurricane (Video Training) We all hate the work involved in getting our websites to rank decently in Google and all of the other Search Engines. One of the best ways to get ranked fast is by having a lot of high quality backlinks pointing to your websites. This 2 hours video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about getting backlinks fast!

List building Bully (eBook) One of the most important parts of marketing any business online is the ability to build a big and responsive email list. This eBook will take the mystery out of building an email list. Soon you will be able to build an email list that will earn you some serious cash on demand every time you mail to it.

Oh, did I mention? For this v12 version of Source Code Gold Mine there is a “Done For You” option. You can have Jeremy’s team install all 10 of your websites for you as an option!

The offer is limited though so if you’re going to get a copy (Seriously, how could you not?) then you need to do so fast!

SEO Benefits

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization To You:

There are two ways to measure the success of business websites.  You can check the page ranking within the internet search engines as well as the search engine result page.  If you are a business website owner, you should use search engine optimization while benefiting from the many tools and resources the internet has to offer your business. 

The downside to being a business website owner is that you have to ensure that internet traffic can actually find your business website.  How will internet users know your website even exists if they can’t find it? If you don’t take the necessary steps to ensure your business website is ranked accordingly, within the major search engines, they can’t?

Search engine optimization can aid your business.  SEO can place your business website possibly within the top ten results on the search engine results.  Help from SEO will not only aid with increasing sales for your business website but also increase the flow of internet traffic to your business website.  SEO can also aid with your products visibility while improving business relations with your current customers. 

The first mistake you could make, becoming a business website owner, is to disregard how important the internet search engines can be to your business website.  Internet search engines drive the majority of internet traffic.  Internet users click on links found within the search engine result pages.  If you can get a decent ranking with your business site within the major search engines, you will stand a great chance of success, for your business website.

You must ensure that your business website is appealing to internet visitors.  There is no need to draw any visitors into your business website, if you do not have relevant content or a website which internet users find appealing.  It does not take long  for internet users to decide if they like or dislike your website (less than 3 seconds on average).  Your focus must be to grab their attention when they stumble upon or find your business website through the search engine.

If you are not an SEO expert then you might want to consider hiring one.  SEO experts can improve the traffic to your commercial website, while aiding your business to be competitive with other online businesses.  SEO experts offer many services which your business could greatly benefit from.  Website reporting, search engine submissions, link popularity building, as well as monthly maintenance are a few of the things, which SEO experts can offer your business website.

SEO experts allow companies, no matter the size, to advertise their products and services with the power of the internet.  If you are uncomfortable, hiring an individual SEO expert, then a search engine optimization company might be right up your alley. 

SEO companies or individual SEO experts can be a great help, with maintaining your website, as well as your page rankings.  If you choose the right company for your business site, you will eventually see the results in not only the growth of the internet traffic to your website; but also profits.

Pajama Working!

7 Low Cost High Profit Businesses You Can Start From Home While Working In Your Pajamas:

There are two type of people in the world. Those who see the glass half empty and those who see it half full. This experience was heightened for me when I had lunch with an old colleague from work and he began to complain about how only rich people could start a business. I thought he was joking.
As I sat and listened he ranted for almost ten minutes giving all the reasons he could not start his own business and get out of the rat race. He talked about the high cost of start ups,  franchising and real estate development. When he finally came up for air I decided to ask simply ask him one question. Mark, “Have you ever asked yourself what kind of low cost businesses with high profit margins are out there?”

He looked like he had been run over by a truck. I went on to say, “You are just asking the wrong question.” He sat for a minute and said, “Ok, if you’re so smart give me some ideas.” I said, “Great. Oh! and by the way, let’s make it fun and focus on the ones you can work from home in your pajamas.”

Here are the 5 low cost high profit businesses I shared with Mark.

1. Internet Marketing: Do you have a computer in your home? If so you could be sitting on a gold mine. People use the internet to do all types of things. From a multimillion dollar wire jewelry making enterprise to a young kid from Long Beach California who created his empire teaching people how to play music by ear. Everyday people are getting on the internet and pursuing their own dot com fortune.
2. Tele-seminars: If you not a very technical person one of the best strategies is tele-seminars. With simply a telephone and a conference call line for your guest to call in on you can offer a class or seminar. You can either use it as a lead generator or you can sell your product or service from the seminar itself. An additional product can come from recording the class. Once you record the class it can become an instant product you can create passive income from.

3. Joint Ventures: If you like the idea of not needing a product or money of your own than the idea of joint venturing could be for you. This business is simply the art of the deal. You are paid in direct proportion to your ability to bring together two parties who would not otherwise know each other outside of your introduction.

For example if you combine company A’s products, knowledge, resources and partner it with company B’s client list you get to share in the profits. And it would not cost you one cent.

4. Affiliate Marketing: What if someone else did most of the work but you got to share in the profit pie? Well, that is what affiliate marketing is all about. There are thousands of products ranging from digital down loads, books,seminars not to mention hard products like computers, cell phones and other techie stuff.

Your job is to find the products that your market is interested in and when you sell something you get a percentage of the sale. You can do this without having any inventory or the overhead of a traditional business.

5. Information Products: This is one of the most highly lucrative low cost businesses you can get into. If you have specialized knowledge or can do you can research and reporton it you can create products that are highly profitable. For example, one of the fastest ways to success is to interview experts in a high demand niche market.

Once you have interviewed these experts you can take the information and create several different products from the one interview. Some of the things you can do is sell the recording itself, sell the transcript of the call, use some of the content create an e-book or report or take several of the interviews and put them together for an expert tape series.

6. Network Marketing/MLM: I have always been a fan of network marketing because the business model is as much about self development as it is building a business. The premise is you find a company that you are passionate about the product, has a proven system and strong team leadership. Most of these companies are low cost of entry. And you build your empire leveraging the efforts of many.

Some people incorrectly believe you are going to get rich off the back of someone else. Not true. The very core of network marketing is built on the fact that you get paid in direct proportion of your ability to recruit, train, inspire, support and lead a voluntary group of people. For those who can do this the rewards are great.

7. eBay: I was recently introduced to the eBay craze by someone who in the beginning had no money so he decided to sell a tape set a friend had created. This product was a compilation of interviews with successful entrepreneurs. Their first sale was $37.00 and they went on to build multi-million dollar empire. eBay is one of the quickest ways to get to a profit. You can take things that you have in your garage today and sell them on eBay tomorrow. Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure.
At the end of the lunch something interesting happened. My friend Mark was starting to see the glass half full.  How about you? Are you looking for a business you can start without breaking the bank? The above seven businesses are just a few ideas to jump start your thought process. However, make no mistake you can start a low cost high profit business and enjoy it while lounging in your pajamas.


Are we our own prisoners?  How to break out?

Imagine a person in a prison. He/she has been imprisoned for life and will wait till death in the prison.

What can possibly motivate such a person? What do these people look forward to in their lives?

Sometimes, we are also prisoners of our thoughts and our past deeds. We also have nothing else to look forward to. We only have regrets. At least, we can do something about the conditions, but the prisoners can do nothing. Life can be depressing at times. How to inspire ourselves in such conditions?

What is inspiration?

‘Inspiration’ the word as it is commonly understood means to experience a state of mind that propels us to work happily, try to achieve goals, and feel good about ourselves and the world.

How to break open the prison?

When we are not inspired and cannot set goals, we feel that we are so helpless that nothing can be done. The first step would be to try finding stories of people such as Helen Keller who overcame so many difficulties to emerge victorious. That will give us a basic thought that things are not that bad. We will open at least one door of our prison with this thought.

Then go back in your memory. Try and think of instances when you felt good because of some achievements. It could be something very small. Anything. Like coming first in the class in your second year in school, or getting a good remark from a teacher for an essay or for a math answer. That will break open another door.

Now begin counting your blessings. Do you have a functioning kidney? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you smell? Are your hands ok and so on. Will you sell your eyes for any price? No! Who said that you have no money? You are a wealthy person who is unaware of your wealth, your blessings, Isn’t it? This will open one more door.

Break the last door open by thinking of the goals you might want to achieve. Believe that you can do that. Start planning. Think of ways. Talk to people. Be ready for a long struggle but with a firm resolve that you will achieve the goals. This will take you out of the prison of your thinking and make you a new person ready to fight.

Get set to go ahead. You are a winner in making!

Twitter Marketing

Increase Your Website Traffic By Marketing On Twitter:

Twitter is quickly becoming a very famous social networking tool on the internet. More and more people are flocking to this site. It is being used for a wide variety of different things. Recently, more and more people have started using Twitter as a way to market their businesses on the internet. It is an excellent way to get the word out about your business to as many people as possible, quickly, and to increase traffic to your website.

It is easy to make money using Twitter. The problem is that while nearly everyone that visits the Twitter website wants to learn exactly how to best utilize the site, very few people actually know how. It is possible to log onto the site and to tweet. However, how do you really use Twitter to its full potential and get the results that you want to see? What does it take to get the right people following you? How do you go about deciding which tweeters you want to follow? These are questions that few people can answer. They simply do not know what the correct answers are and how Twitter is best utilized.

For some people, Twitter is all about how many followers they have. They do not have any other reason for using Twitter. It is merely a way to make friends and be important within the internet world. To best utilize Twitter, it is important to be able to answer a few basic questions. Why are all of these people choosing to follow you? What is the reason that perfect strangers have such an interest in you? If you cannot answer these questions, you will not be able to properly use Twitter to maximize your marketing campaign. You will not be able to profit from the use of Twitter either.

It is very possible to make money with Twitter. If you use it properly, you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website, blog or other advertising media. This process is completely legal. Twitter actually encourages its users to do this. This is due to the fact that the owners of the site want it to be as popular as it possibly can. They also want to have as many followers and users on the site as possible.

Anyone can potentially use Twitter to make money. It is not just for professional internet marketers. If you have an idea that you are able to sell to the public, or even a product for promotion there are many ways within Twitter to do this. It just takes basic understanding and knowledge of what you need to do. After all, Twitter is for much more than just tweeting.

The first thing that you need to do is understand the basics of Twitter. You may think that you know everything, but this would be a misconception. No one knows all that there is to know about Twitter. There are constantly new things to learn and discover. It is a good idea to start learning as much as you can in relation to the site. This will give you an edge over others that are not aware of the power and potential of this site.

Once you learn to use Twitter the right way, you will find that you are much more knowledgeable about the site and will enjoy using it much more. If you learn how to make money with Twitter when it is needed, you will be able to handle the sudden expenses that come along in life. By combining several different sites that cater to the internet marketing world, you will find that you create something so powerful it is nearly impossible not to be making money.

Learn more by joining MasterKey Club where you’ll find everything you need to make best use of Twitter and other Internet marketing tools.

Leverage Success!

10 Tools A Work At Home Newbie Can Use to Leverage Your Way to Success:

As a solo entrepreneur you can get overwhelmed trying to wear all the hats. If you are just starting out you are the CEO, the sales person, the book-keeper and the dish washer.  You know that I mean?  You might have heard the phrase create leverage and, if so, great. However, once you make that discovery you are now simply exposed to so many options it’s hard to know what to choose.

As a work at home business one of the goals is to create an experience for the customer that is as easy as if they were buying from a Fortune 500. So how do you make it happen?

One of the best things you can do is look for good products that can demonstrate value to the customer but involves little to no work on your part.

Here are 10 tools that are easy for the non techies but add great value to the customer.

1. EFax is an online fax service that eliminates the need for a traditional fax  machine, another line and all the associated expenses such as paper and ink cartridges. You get a real fax number that’s tied to your email. 
2. If you want to keep in touch with your customers automatically and personalize the communication an auto responder can be an important tool.  For a small monthly fee you are able to create email campaigns or a single message and broadcast it to your customer list. There are a variety of ways to increase the personalization and as a result will help you develop a better relationship with the customer.

3. How would you like to instantly send a voice mail broadcast message to one or thousands of customers at a time? Imagine the power of being able to send reminders, alerts, product announcements or even so interactive polls or surveys right from the web. There are no set up fees or monthly minimums. You simply pay for the calls that are delivered. You truly can call more than one person at a time.

4. Have you ever wanted to send a thoughtful card to someone but forgot or it simply did not happen because you ran out of time? Well Kody Bateman CEO of send out cards has not only revolutionized the greeting card industry he has made it his mission to change peoples lives one card at a time. With over a couple of cards in the inventory you can send cards to anyone.

I love this product because in less than one minute you can choose a card, personalize it, even add a picture, write it with your own handwriting, put a stamp on it and hit send. This is no e-card that may never get opened. You can set yourself apart from the competition and touch the heart of people you care about with this revolutionary product.

5. Audio Acrobat is easiest way to add audio to your website or email. Would you to create your own online radio show? Audio Acrobat helps you record conference calls, podcast, interviews, and more. You can also learn to create products such as marketable CD’s.

6. Have you ever wanted to give a tele-seminar but did not want have the money to get started? Or maybe, you wanted to put a group of your customers or support team on the line to mastermind. A great way to not only develop a bound with your customers but to develop your content to them is through tele-seminars or tele-classes as they are sometimes called.

If you are just starting try . You will receive a phone number where up to 25 participates can call in and listen to your seminar, boot camp, book reading or whatever content you want to deliver.

As you grow in experience you can choose other companies that will allow a larger number of participates as well options such as recording and creating a MP3 file.

Conference calls are great leverage because you can speak to several people at one time from the comfort of your home.

7. Would you like to know what your customers are thinking? You should. It’s simple to do when survey them. You can use this free online service to tap in the heart and mind your customer and uncover what they want from you. In less than 10 minutes you can be up and running. It’s easy to use with no software to install.

8. Current figures show that 20% of all online transactions are check-based and that more  than 75 million Americans do not have a credit card. Now your business can accept online checks and get fast verification of account status. You don’t even need a shopping cart to process online checks with their virtual terminal and ATMVerify services. Don’t lose business because you don’t take checks.

9. or If you are a start up or home based business you may not want to miss your  customers calls or have them go to a voice mail. Providing a quick response gives your clients to assurance that you are a well run business.
The ability to answer a customer or get back to them quickly is a crucial part of customer service. There are several different ways to accomplish this. However, and are two lost cost highly effective tools.  EVoice allows the messages to be send to your email and with EVoice Plus your messages can go right to your cell phone.
10.  One of the keys to leverage your business is to create free reports, products, e-books and other publishing documents. The power of this strategy is once you develop a product you can either give it away or sell it over and over. You can even add free give-away rights which will allow someone to give your report away without changing any of the content. This can start a buzz and spread like a virus.

While there are only 24 hours in a day choosing the right tools can surely help you leverage the time. Think strategically when you are looking for products and service to help you build your business. Don’t just think about what you need right now. Always ask your self the question, “How can this tool help me grow into a million dollar business?”

Life With Woody!

“Life With Woody” 10 Inspirational Quotes That Can Improve The Way You Feel:

It might take a little coffee or probably a few rounds of beer or any other booze you could get your hands on when it comes to relaxing after a hard day’s work. Well, yeah I’m guilty about that one as well, unless I’m caught dead wearing a lampshade over my head after a few rounds of vodka… half-naked! Okay, bad example and I apologize to everyone reading this after getting nightmares about me in that state of drunken stupor.

Just don’t ask how it happened, please.

But what’s really interesting is how people go through the usual part of life when faced with vein-popping stress? I mean, the new age thing like Zen or yoga is one of the good things and it actually works. Is there room for the intellectual side of people who can actually smell the roses-in-a-can while on the move? It kind of had me thinking that there really must be something in this ‘mind-over-matter’ thing.

Humor is indeed the best medicine there is, whoever you are. I mean anyone can pay good money to listen to a comedian just to make you wet your pants after laughing so hard. Despite what’s been happening, and to those who have gone though the ordeal, it’s better to just laugh while facing troubles with a clear mind, than anger with a clouded vision. One of my favorite celebrities of all time may have to be Woody Allen. Now this is one guy who gives you the in-your-face bluntness that he pulls out with gusto, even without even trying. You can talk just about anything with the man, and he’s bound to mock the subject and you’ll end up laughing rather than being upset about it.

Woody Allen has this to say:

1. “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” It sounds good to me, I mean the practicality of all things does involve money but it doesn’t have to take an arm and a leg to get it.

2. “I believe there is something out there watching us. Unfortunately, it’s the government.” ‘Nuff said.

3. “There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?” This happens to be one of the classic ones. I mean the issue about life’s little problems isn’t all that bad, until ‘he’ shows up.

Sure, relationships can get complicated, or does have its complications that probably any author about relationships is bound to discover it soon. We follow what our heart desires, unless you’re talking about the heart as in the heart that pump blood throughout your body.

4. “Love is the answer, but while you’re waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions.” And if you want more, just keep on asking!

5. “A fast word about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me, she said ‘no’.” It sounds, ‘practical’, I think.

And when it comes to everyday life, he really knows how to make the best out of every possible scenario, and it doesn’t involve a lawsuit if he strikes a nerve.

6. “Basically my wife was immature. I’d be at home in the bath and she’d come in and sink my boats.” I never had a boat in my bathtub before. Just staring at it while soaking in hot water makes me seasick already.

7. “I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” If it rains, it pours.

8. “I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” It could get worse when you’re guzzling on beer… or mouthwash, and it happened to me once!

9. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” At least he doesn’t smite us with lightning, and I’m thankful for that.

And despite of what may happen to all of us in the next ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I guess we all have to see things in a different kind of light and not just perspective. I can’t seem to imagine life without any piece of wisdom that could guide us. Whether we’re religious or not, it takes more courage to accept your fears and learn how to deal with them is all that matters when it comes to even just getting along.

And to sum things up, here is the last nugget of wisdom to go by… however, whenever, and wherever we may be.

10. “The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.”