Now What?

You’ve started a home business, now what?   

You’ve started or are looking to start a home business and you don’t know how to talk to others so you can move your business forward. 

You have a wonderful home business and you want to tell everyone.  You have people that are interested.  You want to call them.  You don’t want to sound like a salesperson.  You want to give them all the information. 

1. Ask “How are you?” 

This way you start small talk and try to make them feel as ease.  Ask about the weather?  Just to make you sound like a person not a salesperson. 

2. Ask “Are you still interested in …….?” 

Make sure they are still interested in listening to what you have.  You don’t want to start out giving information if they are not interested.  If they do say they are not interested ask Why?  Sometimes it is just not a good time to chat. Find out when would be a good time.  Or they have found something else so ask what is it? 

3. Can I ask you a few questions? 

You want to ask their permission to move on.  You want to let them know you have questions pertaining to what you have.  

4. Why do you want to work from home? 

You want to know what is the reason they want to work at home.  Money, family, time.  These are the reasons they want to work at home.  

5. How much do you want to earn?  Part-time or full-time, replacement income? 

This will give you a gauge on how important it is for them to earn extra money.  It will also help you, when they start the business, to determine what they would need to do to make that extra money.  

These questions are simple and easy to answer.  They help both the business person and the prospect.  After you get the answers to these 5 questions, then go into your business and what you do.  

Now that you know what to say you can get your business moving forward and start helping others.  Make it fun and if you make a mistake, don’t worry about it.  We are only human.