Real Office v Home Office

Real Office Versus Home Office:   

Real Office Setup

Every company or business establishment has its own office space where customers or potential clients visit them to conduct business. The office is a place where all professional matters are handled and any business transaction are conducted.

Many people find working at an office quite stressful. There are a lot of sources of stress and pressure in the life of an office employee, whether from having to deal with problem co-workers, or nagging boss, or standards of work that one has to constantly meet. Hence, several workers have decided to quit their job at the office and turn home-based instead. Thus, home office are quite common nowadays.

Working at Home

Home-based workers or self-employed individuals setup their home office where they handle all work-related tasks. In fact, most setup their own home office where they can entertain clients and business associates at home. Many find this a convenient setup since they can attend to their work while being able to still spend time with their family.

However, the accessibility of the comforts available within your home, it is easy to fall into the wrong idea that you are not working. Hence, you need to develop a sound level of self-discipline in order to separate business from pleasure and focus on what you need to do at work.

Which is Better?

There are several considerations that one has to make before deciding whether to opt for a home office or real office instead. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is difficult to conclude that one is the better option over the other. The best way for you to decide is to come up with a checklist of these pro’s and con’s. Then, determine whether the pro’s outweigh the con’s, or vice versa.

Also, you need to consider your own attitude towards work. If you are the type of person who had to be constantly reminded and lack the initiative to work on their own, then setting up a home office could be a devastating idea. Below are a list of pro’s and con’s that would help you come up with a decision.

Home Office: Pro’s and Con’s


*You have more freedom to explore your options in terms how the direction to which you want your business to take. Moreover, you can be your own boss and do what you feel is right for your home business.
*You can achieve more financial success since you earn whatever your business produces. If you explore the ways in which you can increase earnings, you can maximize the business’ potential. Also, you can reduce other costs such as office rental, fuel usage (from driving to and from the office), and tax deductions.
*It is convenient since you won’t have to dress up just to get to work. You can have your breakfast or spend time with your family and then conveniently check your email.


*If you’re the type who needs to get motivated to work, home office might not be conducive for you.
*There are lot of potential interruptions at home.
*There are lot of home office considerations to make such as securing all office equipments you need at home, office furnitures, and some other operational needs.

Real Office: Pro’s and Con’s


*The level of pressure and urgency motivates you to produce quality work.
*The working environment is ideally designed to make working easier for you.
*You have access to all of the equipments or tools you need to conduct your work.


*You have to commute from and to work daily. It becomes more difficult for those who live far from the office.
*Dealing with co-workers can be difficult for some, especially with clashing interests and personalities.
*Some people find it difficult having to be nagged by their bosses constantly.