Safer Than Robbing Banks With Much The Same Effect!

You hardly need to be told that selling products on line as an affiliate is just about the fastest, easiest way for the little guy or gal to get rich fast. What’s more there is a mind-boggling range of products to sell, from a simple e-book to seats on a plane.

And, with giant retailers, such as Amazon, attributing 40% of their $billions of sales to affiliates, there are obviously millions being made from affiliate marketing.

So how come only about 5% of people are making serious money on line?

That’s because knowing WHERE the gold is isn’t the same as knowing HOW to get at it.

All of which means all those lovely affiliate commissions are cascading into the pockets of a relatively small band of elite super affiliates, who are really laughing all the way to the bank.

And two guys who regularly figure in the top ten lists of super affiliates, by outselling most of their rivals, are Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson. Between them, they regularly generate hundreds of thousands of affiliate commissions every year.

Time and again they pick up bonuses and even cash prizes to gold plate their massive haul of affiliate commissions. And here’s the good news …

They are just releasing a brand new product, allowing you to pick their brains and copy their methods – and it won’t cost you a single dime.

And – just because it’s free – hasn’t stopped them from going hog wild on this, because they’ve distilled all the wisdom and experience painfully acquired the hard way, through painful trial and error, and are now handing you exactly what you need to copy their success.

What’s more – once you have their secrets – the sky really will be the limit for you!

That’s because, as a successful affiliate,  you can laugh off the usual limitations of product creation and customer service – because they’re all done for you. So you can invest the time saved sourcing the very best, most lucrative products to sell. And here’s where the WPP program hits a home run, because it gives you a simple seven step process to ensure you only get involved with the products most likely to be the easiest and most profitable sellers.

And maybe seven really is a lucky number, because – once you know how to evaluate the very best, most profitable products to sell, Jeremy and Simon are going to hand you your personal treasure map to locate seven gold mines that house the very best selling products for you to promote.

And you’ll save much heartache – and a king’s ransom – by getting the heads up about three fatal mistakes that could well be hemorrhaging cash from under your nose, right now – if you’re already selling stuff as an affiliate.

But they’ll soon be a distant nightmare – once you know how to fix them fast.

When you go through this program it’s immediately apparent all the hard-won experience at the affiliate marketing coal face is being handed to you on a plate.

For example, there’s a really smart way, yet oh-so-simple technique of unearthing those elusive products that no one else is promoting. This is truly El Dorado, because you can zoom in there and scoop up the rich profits leaving your bewildered competitors empty-handed and choking in your dust.

And what really separates the men from the boys in affiliate marketing is the vital art of getting your prospective buyer all fired up and eager to buy the product even before you send them to the vendors site. And here Jeremy and Simon give you four different ingenious ways to do this, in the most effective way possible.

And you’ve probably heard “The money is in the list”. And here’s one of Jeremy’s and Simon’s open secrets of success, because it’s well known they enjoy the fruits of owning some of the largest, most responsive lists around. And they are about to tell you how to do it.

So they reveal what they have found to be the four key parts of a successful squeeze page. Miss any one of these and you’ll be leaving a pile of cash on the table. But get all four working together and your squeeze pages will be sucking in prospects like a Shop Vac on steroids.

And – because you can never have too large or too targeted a list – you also get six little known techniques to unleash a torrent of red-hot prospects, eager to join your list and enjoy what you have for them.

And they even reveal a total of three amazing techniques to make your product owners want to give you extra commission, as well as actually promote your affiliate link themselves! Hard to believe, right now, I know, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy a couple of “ah, ha” moments when you discover how blindingly obvious, stunningly simple and highly effective these stealth techniques are.

And it’s not just mastering how to handle your product vendors that makes this program so effective. Because you also get four mega-powerful persuasion techniques that will empower you to tickle your prospect’s sweet spot, exploding the conversions to both your opt-in lists and your pre-sales pages. What’s more, you also get the absolute #1 most powerful tactic of all to make any offer you make completely irresistible.

And you even get the inside track on how to avoid one of the biggest problems facing affiliate marketers: losing the sale because it isn’t made via your affiliate link. So you’ll be spellbound, as you discover just how simple it is to create a ‘buying loop’ that acts like a powerful electromagnet, when your prospect is ready to buy. That way you get every precious cent owing to you.

And, here’s something I’ve saved until almost last because it’s (almost) the very best part of this.

Did you know it’s possible to continue to enjoy the same sort of commission arrangements as Hollywood movie stars? Well it’s true! Because, much of their wealth piles up long after they’ve left the studio and moved on to another project. So Jeremy and Simon will show you exactly how to enjoy fat commission checks rolling in automatically, months – and even years – after you’ve made the actual sale!

And that’s truly the Holy Grail of marketing – autopilot income whilst you relax and enjoy yourself. So just imagine your life, a few exciting months down the line, when you can fully exploit Jeremy and Simon’s battle-hardened techniques.

Because you’ll be up to speed with picking the very best, effort-free highest paying programs – many on a regular repeat basis – you’ll have finally broken the link between the hours you work and the money you make.

Finally, you’ll have plenty of spare cash and the leisure time to take your loved ones on that vacation of a lifetime. Almost before you know it you’ll be able to really relax and savor the experience of doing what you’ve wanted to do for years … give your boss the pink slip and step up to join the elite super-rich affiliates.

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