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A Newbies Guide to Selling on eBay

I just cleaned out my attic and garage and found that I had a whole pile of stuff I needed to get rid of. I hated the idea of dumping this stuff out by the curb for the garbage collector to pick up, especially since some of these things still had plenty of useful life in them. I had an old mantle clock, some really nice picture frames, some empty suitcases, and a collection of movies I hadn’t watched in ages. So rather than junk everything, I decided it was time to sell stuff on eBay.

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Get Your Own Internet Business FREE!

This is to introduce you to the Plug-In Profit SiteTM “Internet Business-in-a-Box”!  As soon as you follow the 3 easy steps described, you will automatically be set-up with a brand new, fully-loaded e-commerce website (that comes with your own 400 day pre-written email follow-up system) just for YOU absolutely free!  This is a no brainer, go immediately to Plug-In Profit Site and see for yourself.

Delaverian Marketing

Delaverian MarketingInteresting that I should start talking about e-commerce at a time when, probably, the mother of all e-commerce packages is announced.

Available form tomorrow, the Delaverian Marketing e-commerce package is being offered FREE. But, only for 7 days, then you will need to be a Turbo Member (no bad thing!) to gain access.

There is no point me going through all the details here. Simply click on the image and you’ll be able to find out what all the fuss is about!

An Introduction To E-Commerce

This introduction to e-commerce will help you understand the different types of e-commerce, as well as  its advantages and drawbacks.  E-commerce is all around us, it has been for years, even long before the Internet.  Starting in the ’60s, businesses began sharing files and information with each other electronically, the very first form of e-commerce.  With the Internet, people gained the ability to purchase goods and services from businesses and each other, electronically.  All these make up the face of e-commerce today.

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