Video Disk Goldmine

Video Disk Goldmine Alert:

I just got an email from Jeremy Burns who tells me he has just launched 10 new video products with resale rights.

This package previously sold as a physical product for $397 but now digital rights are available for less that $13 a product.

Now I have no idea what he’s thinking with this price but this is worth 5 times what what he is asking, so if you have not  seen this yet you need to check it out right now, these will be gone fast.

The main package includes 10 killer video products which would be great for using as content for your members area, or for selling as-is, or you can rebrand and rename them as your own.

Here Is What You Get When You Secure Your Package Today!

You get 10 brand new HOT products! Each one is 100% original. None of them have ever been sold digitally on the Internet before today!

You get a full set of high quality graphics for each product including fully re-brandable Photoshop PSD files to every product.

You get compete web sites for each product all with matching header, footer, background & order button images.

Video squeeze pageseach of the 10 products in VDGM come with killer video squeeze pages.  The videos on these pages are optimized to generate leads for you.

You get pre-written sales letters for each product. These letters were written by a professional copy writer.

You get the complete, un-encrypted AVI source files to the video products. You can re-brand them in any way you wish.  Name the video products anything you want, resell them, re-brand them – it’s totally up to you!

You get ready graphics to all the video products. This makes it ultra easy for you to resell these products as physical shipped DVD’s if you wish.

Support included!  He will handle the support of everyone you resell your new products to, if you want him too!

I have never seen video products with rights that are this good, you really need to see this now, trust me, don’t wait. I hear he is raising the price soon, so check this out now.