Marketing Tips

I run successful businesses and the following is a ‘check list’ of my approach to marketing with a view to developing and continuously improving these businesses.

The focus is always to:

Attract more new customers

Increase the average sales amount

Make my customers buy from me more often

Keep my customers for life

In developing a marketing plan I:

Understand my market and competition

Understand my customer

Pick a niche

Develop my marketing message

Determine my marketing medium(s)

Set sales and marketing goals

Develop my marketing budget

To attract customer referrals I:

Give excellent customer service

Add value to customer requirements

Resolve customer complaints promptly

Introduce business to my customer, whenever possible

Seek out their business associates

Get to know their interests and family

Whenever possible I exceed customer expectations by:

Confessing to non-critical flaws

Apologising for my mistakes

Offering free /discounted services or advice guides

Keeping them informed at all stages

Recognising them (and their family) in public

Giving them a small gift of appreciation

Contacting them periodically for feed-back